Sunday, March 13, 2011

Angell/Haut 70's shortboard

I will be spending the some time next week getting this board fixed up and ready to bring to Sacred Craft in Santa Cruz next weekend. I found this board in an attic that I was hired to clean and organize when I was in high school. The guy traded me my days work for the board and I took it home, patched it up and rode it. On a surf trip to Santa Cruz,  i was riding the board at steamers lane and a guy mentioned that it was a great piece of history so I hung onto it. Eventually it got a little beat up and I stopped riding it but I have been meaning to fix it up for some time now. It is a really beautiful board and the antique roadshow at Sacred Craft has given me an great excuse to finally fix it. This is a 6'8" shaped by Mark Angell under the Haut label, it was shaped in 1978. That's all I know about this board but it will be fun to find out the whole story next weekend. I will keep you posted on what I find out. If you know anything about this board please leave a comment.


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  1. I found one of these in a dumpster in San Luis Obispo while I was going to college there. Fixed it up and now its my premier summer board. Great find and thanks for this bit of history on the board!