Thursday, July 7, 2016

Everything Changes: Notion Uprising

It's funny how much can change in three years. It's been that long since we loaded up our family and moved to the Outer Banks. I have continued to learn and hone my craft of building surfboards and the more I learn, the more I keep changing things to fit what I want my boards to do on a wave. I have been building boards under a new label Notion Surfboards since we moved and I have grown as a shaper and designer so much. I want to share what I have learned and how my boards have evolved.

One of my favorite thing about blogging was sharing my journey as a board builder and I keep seeing page hits from this site so I thought I'd start updating it again. With the progression of design in surfboards, I have developed a bit of an all around design aesthetic that I enjoy. I have launched a new companion brand to Notion Surfboards called Notion Uprising. At Notion Uprising I have designed hi quality accessories to compliment the surfboards I build and I will be adding new products as time goes on. I will be blogging and telling the stories of my friends that live life on the edges of society, as so many shapers do. We view things differently and that comes out in the way we life. Check out the Blog and I'll keep you all up to date with new board offerings and campfire tales of ocean perfection.

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